Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I wish it could be Christmas Eve every day

Bill Shankly once said that an FA cup semi final is a football fan’s best day of the season; and so it is with Christmas, as the night before overshadows the big day. Assuming that is, that your team is involved, or you’re not a scientologist.

In each scenario the advantages of the anticipated outweigh the pitfalls of the actual: there is no trophy to pressurise you, no turkey to overcook. Bright spirits are yet to be dampened by irritating relatives and ballsy optimism yet to be crushed superior opposition.

It’s not so much that the day itself is anti-climactic, its more that once its happening you can no longer look forward to it, you can only experience it, and expectation trumps experience, much as dreams often trump reality.

So whether you spend the night before Christmas nestled snug in your bed, or dreaming the night away in the drunk tank, enjoy it, it only happens once a year.

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